2021 Aurifil Builders Club - Meet the Pink Land Iguana

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The 2021 Color Builder Subscription is a capsule of 12 mini-collections, each containing three large spools of 40wt thread - a warm, a medium, and a dark. Each mini-collection is inspired by one of the world's most endangered species.

Meet The Pink Land Iguana
Pink Iguanas are not just a different color from other land iguanas; they are a completely separate species. They were Identified as recently as 2009. There are only around 200 left, and they are confined to the slopes of Wolf Volcano on Isabela, making them one of the most vulnerable species in Galapagos, as the volcano is still active. The most recent published conservation assessment of Pink Iguanas estimates their total population to be 192 mature individuals.

Similar in appearance to Galapagos Land Iguanas, they have a short head and powerful hind legs with sharp claws on their toes, but despite their intimidating appearance they are primarily herbivores – feeding on prickly pear leaves and fruit. Their only defining characteristic is their coloring; pink with dark vertical stripes along their body. The pink coloration is due to the lack of pigment in their skin, allowing you to see the blood underneath.

In truth very little is known about the behavior of Pink Land Iguanas, as they are only recently being studied. What we do know is that they live in burrows dug 2 to 3 meters deep. They enjoy basking in the sun, but timidly retreat to their burrows if approached. Their habitat is dry grassland, providing them with a diet of cacti, shrubs and herbs.

Pink Land Iguana Facts
Their fancy pink coloring is due to a lack of skin pigment, thus revealing their blood underneath

Land Iguanas have a short blunt head and pleurodont teeth (Having the teeth attached by their sides to the inner side of the jaw)

The Pink Iguana is one of the oldest reptile species on the planet. Genetic testing suggests that the species divergence happened an incredible 5.7 million years ago.

Pink Iguanas can grow over three feet long, and weigh up to 15 lbs.
Land Iguanas have a spiky dorsal crest that run the length of the neck and back.

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