Aurifil Color Builders Thread Club - Sea Turtle

Aurifil Color Builders Thread Club - Sea Turtle
We hope that you've been having fun with your Sea Turtle quilt block and that our club members are enjoying everything so far. We've already seen some blocks popping up on social media and have to admit it's pretty exciting!

We're happy to welcome HollyAnne Knight back to share her mad quilting skills! Let's dive in to a bit of her Sea Turtle Inspiration!aurifil-string-and-storyHey there, Rockstar! Can you believe that this month brings us a quarter of the way through the Endangered Species Block of the Month? I’m going to guess that a couple things are starting to happen at this three month mark:

Practice makes progress, so I bet you’re noticing some growth in your skills. You’re getting a little faster at the foundation paper piecing, you’re ripping out fewer seams, and you’re really starting to enjoy the process. If you’ve been quilting your blocks individually along with me, I bet you’re feeling more confident as a free motion quilter. Even if you’re saving your blocks to assemble as a sampler at the end of the year, it’s likely you’re having more vision about how you think you want to quilt them as a result of reflecting on the inspirational quilting plans I’ve been drawing for us. I, of course, have more tips and quilting plans for you this month, but before we get there I want to pause and say: CONGRATS! The progress you’re making on this quilt and on these skills is fabulous and worth celebrating! Way to go, Rockstar! 

Quilting Idea # 1 - Introductory Quiltingbegturtle1Cassandra’s elegantly designed paper piecing makes it so easy and flattering to use simple designs to quilt the endangered species blocks. A meander is a classic choice, while walking foot waves add a thoughtful touch, calling to mind the ocean this sweet turtle is swimming. I recommend pairing these, and the more complex quilting plans, with simple stitch in the ditch quilting on the turtle itself as the seams are very bulky.

Quilting Idea # 2 - Beginner QuiltingbegturtlebigIf you have a little more experience under your belt, check out the textures we can create with this Beginner level quilting plan. Swirls continue the allusion that walking foot waves started, but by adding a more complex texture.

Quilting Idea # 3 - Intermediate QuiltingturtleinterAs our piecing already creates a gorgeous visual of a swimming sea turtle, why not add to that with the texture of the quilting? You can do this pretty simply just by pairing swirls and wavy lines. But if you want to take it to the next level, some bubbles and a more wave like swirl paints the picture of this charming sea turtle swimming buoyantly beneath tropical waves.

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