Have Your Candy and Eat It Too

"Have your candy and eat it to!"


Happy National Embroidery Month! Machine embroidery has revolutionized how we can create and finish projects. From monograming towels, to traditional Redwork designs, to piecing and machine quilting our embroidery machines can fill a number of different roles in our studios. We have a fun treat in-store for you this week and it requires eating some of your favorite candies! We are going to be making fun little zipper pouches using the embroidery machine, iron on vinyl, and candy bags!


We learned about these fun bags at a brother training in Minneapolis in January of 2017 (there is a whole fun story to that trip for another day or tune in to our Facebook live we may share some there). During one of our breaks during training though we saw samples that one of the educators did of the candy treat bags and fell in love. Since evenings were open and we were only a short taxi ride from the Mall of America we headed right over that night and went to all the different candy stores looking for bags of candy to play with when we got back to Fremont.

Supplies needed:

  • Candy bag (bigger is better than smaller). This could be Candy, chips, cookies, dog/cat food really kind of bag like that will work!
  • Thin batting (Warm & Natural or Battilizer)
  •  Heat-n-bond Iron on Vinyl
  • Zipper to match bag
  • Lining fabric (amount depends on size of candy bag you use)
  • Thread to match

We are using our Brother Luminaire II Sewing and embroidery machine this week to make our bags. It has a multitude of amazing features and comes with a large 10-1/2” x 16” hoop. For our bag we will prep this hoop with 1 layer of Battilizer and set aside.


Next take your candy bag and cut it into (2) pieces, front and back.


Follow the instructions on the Heat-n-bond iron on Vinyl and press the vinyl onto the candy bag.


On our Brother Luminaire 2 we are going to enter the “My Design Center” icon.


We will pick out a “motif” fill and fill the screen with the desired motif.

Attach the hoop and place (1) piece of the bag right sides up on top of the Battilizer and stitch out embroidery fill design.


Repeat for the second half of the candy bag.

Cut both bag pieces and the lining fabric down to desired size and start creating your bag!

Click here to download the full instructions on how make your  own Candy Bags.

Once you have your bag front and lining pieces prepared. Layout your zip between a bag front and a Lining piece with the zipper facing the bag front. and sew one side of the bag to the zipper. Repeat with the remaining bag front and lining piece on the other side of the zipper.

Open the zipper 3/4 of the way up.

Fold bag fronts right sides together and bag linings rights sides together. and sew around the outside edges of the bag leaving and opening at the bottom of the lining to fold the back right sides out through.

Stitch opening closed and push lining into the candy bag fronts and enjoy your new tote.

Check out of Friday Feature Matinee video to learn more!


Happy Quilting

The CT Team




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