Triangle Fenzy Month 6

“Triangle Frenzy Sampler – Month 6”

Land Ahoy! Upon a quick glance at this block, I instantly see ships sails!

While last months block was a favorite, I can’t say this block is even in the top 10. However! the quilt showcasing the secondary design when multiple blocks are sewn together is one of my all-time favorites.

What makes this such a strong secondary design is the prominent diamonds that are formed when the blocks are sewn together. Then the triangle units just spin around those diamonds making it hard to tell where the block actually is. To me that is what makes the best secondary quilt designs when you look at it and cannot tell at all where the block is.

Now if you have Electric Quilt (EQ) software you can easily take any block and see how secondary designs will appear. I will warn you that once you start playing with EQ you will spend many hour playing and saying “what if…..”

If you don’t have the software you test out secondary designs with two mirrors taped together.

Some blocks will instantly create great secondary designs and other wont, but play and see what happens!

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