Triangle Frenzy Sampler - Block 2

Triangle Frenzy Sampler Month 2

Well, this post is about a week or 2 later then planned but if you talked to any of my teachers in K-12 and college turning in projects past there deadline is nothing uncommon! My theory is better late then never! 

You received your pattern for Month 2 of the “Triangle Frenzy Sampler in the March issue of “As the Bobbin Winds”. If you missed it, you can find the newsletter and patternhere.

Last month I showed how to do HST the basic method of marking a line and sewing on either side. This month I am going to demo how to make 2” Finished HSTs using left over 2-1/2” Strips! I love working with 2-1/2” strip sets so I always have leftovers of them in a tub. A great way to use them up is to make HST’s using the Easy Angle Ruler.


If you have been quilting for many years you probably have this ruler in your collection already, if you are a new quilter this is one I would recommend you add to your ruler collection.

Start out by layering a light and dark strip together (right sides facing). And square up one end.


Position your ruler on the strip so that the 2-1/2” line is on the cut edge and the little black triangle is pointing to the right as shown and cut.


Move the Triangle away and flip the ruler over (do not turn! FLIP). The 2-1/2” line on the ruler should now be on the top of the strip and the black tip should be off the edge of the fabric pointing at you as shown.


Continue down you strip and cut as many pairs of triangles as you need.

Since you layered your strips right sides together before cutting you can head straight to your sewing machine and sew your triangles together and press towards the dark triangle. Your HST should measure 2-1/2” x 2-1/2”


For this month block you will need to make (24) HST units.

Click here to go to the Email to get the full block pattern.

Happy Quilting

The CT Team


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