Triangle Frenzy Sampler - Block 3

Triangle Frenzy Sampler Month 3

We are working our way through making lots of HST for our Triangle Frenzy Sampler. This month I thought we would work on how to resize a block to make it larger or smaller than what a pattern calls for and this year’s sampler is a simple on to do that with.


First you need to figure out the division of the block. How many units across and down it takes to make (1) block.   In the case of this block, it is divisible by six, there are (6) units across and (6) Units down.


So, six is our magic number. Now decide on what you want the finished size (after seam allowance is removed) you want the units to be they are can larger or smaller. See the example below to see how the math works out.


Once you are committed to a size you have to add seam allowance back in.                             

- For Squares add ½” to the finished size.                                                                                  

- For Triangles add 7/8” to the finished size. I suggest upping it to 1” as then you have room to square up to you desired size.


In the end you can use any number you want to use. Just remember that you start with your finished unit size and then add your seam allowance back in.

Click here to go to the Email to get the full block pattern.

Happy Quilting

The CT Team


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