Triangle Frenzy Sampler - Block 5

Triangle Frenzy Sampler Month 5

We are approaching the halfway mark of our Triangle Frenzy Sampler! This month block is one of my favorites, ok in reality I have a lot of favorites, but this one is a true favorite in that you can use the outer part of the block as a frame for other Blocks!

If you take out the Center part of this block and leave the frame you have a block that looks like this.

The center block you removed is 8” Finished, and you could fill that area with any 8” block you wanted. Giving you even more creative opportunities.

And presto you could have the start to a whole new sampler just by mixing blocks together!

Be watching for the Month 6 Block to come out in the July “As the Bobbin Winds” Email Newsletter.

Happy Quilting

The CT Team

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